Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Consumer Decision Making

We competed in  4-H's Consumer Decision Making and I got 4th place! We had no idea what Consumer Decision Making was and entered because we thought it was something else. But it turned out to be really fun. Basically, you go in a room with a bunch of other kids. You have a clipboard, paper, reason and score cards,and maybe a calculator. There is a situation on the table- maybe something like " Sally Jo needs to buy a camera. Her budget is $250. She wants one with 3 LCD." Then, looking at info about 4 cameras, you choose which one is the best buy, and rank them. For example, if #4 is the best buy,#2 is the second best, then #1, and #3 is the worst,you would rank the class as 4-2-1-3. There is a special class called a reasons class. Take notes on why you ranked the class the way you did. When you go in front of the judge, say why you ranked the class the way you did. But only tell about the reasons class! I did not know this at first at was just rattling off info about why I picked every class! I had a great time and now I know how to do Consumer Decision Making.

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