Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sulphur Springs Dairy Museum

First we watched a video about dairy
Then we learned how butter is made

...and took a picture...

...and another!

We went on a tour with TACHE to the Sulphur Springs Dairy Museum and had a great time. First we watched a video on dairy and milk. Then the younger kids got to milk a pretend cow. They also got to make pictures using a stamp shaped like a cow. Next we went through the museum. They have life-size exhibits on making dairy products, collections of old, fancy glass milk bottles, cream separators,etc. Then all the kids sat down and our docent passed around a little container with cream. We shook and shook it.... and after a long time, we had butter!  Our docent demonstrated a butter churn and separator for us , and then the best part- FREE ICE CREAM! I learned three facts:
1. No human hands  have touched your milk until you open it.
2. Holsteins and Jerseys are the main dairy cows
3. It takes forever to make butter! :-)
This is the museum website :

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