Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Food Show Part II

So, we went to District Food Show, and I got second place for my dish,Shrimp Creole,(see above) third place for Ag Id, and fifth place for display. Ag Id is when you take a test on Texas agriculture products(food or materials like mohair or cotton) identify them and where they're grown, or what climate they need, etc. And display is the way your dish is displayed. And, of course, the 4-H Food Show is when 4-Her's from a certain district, which is a bunch  of counties come together. Each person gets 2,5,or 7 minutes with a judge, depending on their age category. They have to answer 12 questions on their dish -how nutritious it is, how they help their community, how many calories are in it, and many others.My brother Christopher got first place in the Food Show AND in Ag ID!! Andrew, my other little brother, can't come to District because he's a Clover Kid, but he did great at County.

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