Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Grandma Moses, American Painter

We've been studying Grandma Moses in our school.

 On September 7, 1860, Anna Mary Robertson was born. She would become Grandma Moses, a famous painter of American folk art. As a girl, Anna Mary loved to paint. She called her little pictures "lambscapes"  which made her brothers laugh. Mr. Robertson, Anna Mary's father was sick and unable to work. Bored, he asked his wife if he could paint murals on the living room walls. Ms. Robertson agreed. Anna Mary learned a lot about painting by watching him. She loved to draw and make maps in school. Anna Mary attended school six months every year till she was 12.

 Then she worked as a hired girl. She attended some school with her employer's kids.When she was older, but still working as a hired girl, Anna met Thomas Moses, another hired hand. When she was in her 20's they married. They had 10 kids, but sadly only 5 lived.  Anna Mary was busy cooking, cleaning, and raising children. She had no time to paint.
   It was not until her 70's that she turned to art. First she made "worsted pictures"made out of yarn.When her arthritis became too bad ,she switched  to painting,which was easier on her hands. Some of her paintings were sold at a local drugstore for $2 each. Once she became famous they sold for $8,000 to $,10,000 a piece. Her first speech/exhibition was called "What a farm wife painted".

 Grandma Moses was very modest and very dedicated to her work. She didn't care if other liked her work-she sprinkled snow scenes with glitter and used toothpicks for details. She died at the age of 101.  Grandma Moses once said "I look back on my life like a good day's work. It is finished and I am done with it." She was original. She was Grandma Moses, who said "If I hadn't started painting, I would've raised chickens."

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