Monday, December 5, 2011

Goodman-Le Grand House

I took all the pics except this one.
Me in the Gold Room, or formal parlor

pretty ceiling artwork

ancient teacup from China

Every plate,cup,and saucer in a 12 piece set was hand-painted by Ms. Sallie Goodman!

Unusual light in butler's pantry

Dolls from the Victorian era, donated by different people
Sallie Goodman's doll

Doll chest

Crib of Baby Goodman, who died when he was 2. :-(

 We went to the Goodman-Le Grand house in Tyler, and it was fascinating to learn about. It started out as a one story log cabin and is now a 3 story home. Sallie Goodman left it and it's land to the city of Tyler in her will. What the city knows is based on the youngest child of Dr. and Ms.Goodman's children, Sallie.Her diaries tell about guests who stayed in the house to escape the dangers of the Civil War, stories of family trips, and where a bunch of the artifacts and furniture originally came from. The diaries also tell about elegant balls that took place, dinner parties and events held for Texas state politicians. Governor Hogg (then the governor of Texas) even stayed in the house. What intrigued me and my new friend was a "secret" room that you went through a door that looked like a cabinet to get to. Although we couldn't get into it, the curator kindly answered all our questions about it.  A lot of sad things happened to the Goodmans. Sallie's older brother died in the Civil war and her sister Etta died of sickness.Sallie's only child died at the age of 2, and there were no Goodmans left. So Sallie donated the house. Everything in the house is arranged prettily and like it would've been if someone was living in it. In case you want to visit it, the address is
624 North Broadway
Tyler, TX  75702
Phone:  (903) 531-1286


  1. I was trying to understand what the inside of the house was like and your pictures and description were very helpful.

  2. Good work there pal. I've been working on the Goodman genealogy. There were quite a number of surprises, treasure troves of information never realized until now. I am working to get more information and pictures of the Goodmans from 3 other states to give to the Goodman Museum. Lovely ladies working there!! :-)

    1. Thanks, Will! How cool that you are researching the Goodmans' House! Two years have gone by since this post and I still love going there. It's a fascinating place!


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