Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fiddler's reunion!

  Some nice friends of ours invited us to the Fiddler's Reunion, and it was really fun. There was an 18 and under division where kids could compete, and it was interesting to watch them fiddle. Next we went to a little fair, and we ran into MORE friends there! My littlest brother and his friend rode all the little kid rides, and it was cute to watch them. My friend Lani, her friend, Christopher, and I went on the Tornado ride. It was pretty fast, but not too scary. Then we played all the games at the fair. I think it would be cool to play the fiddle. I take piano from a SUPER nice lady at our church, so I know (somewhat!)how to read sheet music, but I think it would also be pretty tricky. Do any of you play the fiddle? Comment and let me know!

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