Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Vaya con dios, Jackie!

don't ask...  : )
Jackie and me being silly at the Food boot camp
*Vaya con dios is a Spanish expression meaning "Go with God"

(wails) "Well, our wonderful 4-H agent Jackie is leaving meeeee!*sniffles* *sobs*"

Okay, I'm being melodramatic. They don't call me Drama Queen for nothing! But, really. Jackie is moving  to a new job! Who else will explain the mysteries of 4-H to me? Jackie was more than an agent, she was a friend. In the year and a half she was here with  our 4-H Jackie taught the 4-H groups about Food Show, Fashion show, Roundup, and everything else 4-Hish. She also put up with lots of phone calls from confused 4-Hers and their parents. She loaned me her laptop for my PowerPoint on Roundup, she drove cars filled with us 4-hers , and she would come over to my house and cook with my Mom.  She's an awesome agent, and as my friend Anna and I say she's :"The best 4-H lady ever!" She's a great influence, has a good heart, and is simply a really fun person! I hope she has an amazing time at her new job and that everything works out for her! Good luck Jackie! I'm praying for you! Love ya girl!!

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