Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Fashion Show

I participated in my second fashion show ever, winning first in my category and first overall! The fashion show was held at the Academic Rodeo. You're probably wondering, "What is Academic Rodeo?!" It's where people from public, private, and homeschools all over East Texas come and participate in the Fashion Show, writing and art contests, agriculture products identification contests,one act play, Lego mindset etc. The Fashion Show is broken into 3 main categories- elementary,(K-5) middle,(6-8) and high school(9-12). Then there are 3 categories within those; such as constructed(you sewed your outfit) designed(you made it out of duct tape or a material like that) and smart buying(you compared outfits and filled out a worksheet about them. Within smart buying, which I competed in, there are sub-categories- casual, formal, specialty, dressy, I was in specialty, with my candy-striper outfit.I won first in specialty, and first in middle school smart buying! This means I'm eligible for scholarships! I had a good time at the show and met tons of new people!

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