Saturday, January 19, 2013

4-H Food Show

We recently had our 4-H County Food Show, Quizbowl, and Food Challenge.
 For the Food Show I made Easter Quiche. It has summer squash, bacon, and mozzarella in it, plus a homemade crust!

First, I made my dish at home. Than, I prepared a two-minute speech on the nutritional values of my dish and how it is healthy for you. Then, we went to the Food Show. County  is almost a practice. District, if you advance, is the best from each county. We're going to District.

 Then we practiced our Quizbowl, which was a little nerve-wracking when you didn't know the answer, but, when you push the buzzer and answer correctly  and see the judge put  another tally mark on the board, it's a pretty awesome feeling. My team won. Then it was food challenge time! Our team:

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