Friday, November 30, 2012

Review of Daily Life in a Covered Wagon

We've been doing a pioneer study, and this book, Daily Life in a Covered Wagon,has been very informative and fun! It follows a fictional pioneer family, the Larkins, on their 2,000 mile journey from Independence, Missouri, to Portland, Oregon in the 1850's. The Larkins have three kids- Rachel, Abe , and Rebecca. Their hired hand is also with them. What makes this book different from other books on the pioneers is that, as you read, it has real life pictures and inserts describing what certain words (such as "alkaline water" or "river ford") mean. Also, when the Larkins face a problem, the book explains how early settlers would've handled it, how the Larkins handled it, and how later settlers handled it. It's really quite fascinating!

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