Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Counselor at YES camp

This weekend I was a counselor at YES camp, which is a camp 4-H holds every year for 8-12 (and some 13) year olds. I worked with five 8-10 year old girls from my county. The theme was "Wild About 4-H!" We had a camo costume contest, and one of the little girls, K, from my group won! Her costume was so cute! I was glad she won, because she's really sweet.
We then broke into our"color groups". One of the other girls - I'll call her R-from my group was with me in the green group. It was fun working with her. she really liked painting and told me all about how she wants to be an artist.We all made birdhouses as part of the activities, and R decided all the girls should paint my birdhouse for me. It was so sweet of them, and i turned out really cute! I enjoyed being a camp counselor for many reasons, one was that it allows me to be a good role model and a mentor to the girls, like helping them pray at meals and playing games with them. Have you ever been a camp counselor? Did you enjoy it?
 Oh, yes. Be sure to check out my other little brother, Andrew's new blog here!

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