Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to make an easy friendship bracelet

American Girl magazine pic from here.
I picked up a copy of AG magazine at the store and noticed a friendship bracelet tutorial inside. I practiced making the bracelets it showed how to make until I was able to invent my own "twist" on a bracelet pattern commonly known as the spiral twist.

  1. First, find some embroidery floss. Cut four 22 inch strands of any colors you like.
  2. Gather all the floss together and tie a knot at the top and bottom of the floss.
  3. Hold one knot in each hand and twist slowly until you can feel the floss tightening between your fingers.
  4. Hold the floss straight out in front of you. Put a finger(or, if the floss tangles when you let go, use your foot)in the middle of the floss. Let go of the middle so the floss twists itself up.
  5. Twist the floss(still folded in half) the opposite way you twisted earlier. It will start to look a little like a braid. Stop when it gets really tight. Tie a big knot below the two knots you made earlier.
  6. To wear, pull the big knot through the loop at the bottom. If you're having trouble, check out the video above.

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