Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ben Wheeler Library

This is the Ben Wheeler Library:

  It was once a schoolhouse. Now, it's a charming little library where you can get any 5 books you want free.
You can also attend special programs. We attended one of the programs and...
  ..... chatted with an opossum,

 made faces along with a beaver skull,

 learned about animal furs,
 ...came face-to face with big skulls like these...

...and had a great time!!

A lady from Texas Parks and Wildlife Services brought tons of animal skulls and furs to look at. We learned loads of interesting facts, such as how to tell what an animal is by looking at it's skull. The speaker was verry funny and her talk was very educational. I really enjoyed it. Something interesting: As I'm writing this, I just saw a coyote walking through our woods!

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