Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Clara Barton Report

I found this awesome pic of her from http://www.civilwarhome.com/images/barton.jpg
                                                                Clara Barton
Clara Barton grew up on a farm, so she had plenty of experience in taking care of hurt or wounded animals.This helped her become a famous nurse later in life. But Clara wasn't always famous....

Clara Barton was born near New Oxford, Massachusetts in 1821. In 1833, when she was 12, her older brother David fell off a roof and was badly injured. Clara took care of him, nursing him back to health. She and her mother cooked for him, and she went the hospital with David. The doctor even said that if it wasn't for her, he might have died! This was Clara's first time having a human patient. Usually her patients were farm animals.Later, when Clara was older, she taught school. Since she was short,at first her students did not respect her.

 She was barely older than them. Soon, Clara gained their respect. Although her students were considered "poor","rowdy" "uneducated" and "filthy" by the well-to-do town members, Clara soon proved these thoughts wrong. She not only taught the children, she played with them and visited their families. After teaching for 15 years, she moved to Washington D.C , where she worked at the U.S Patent Office. After living there for 6 years,the Civil war began.Clara Barton begged government officials to let her nurse the sick men on the battlefields. Many would die if they were not doctored. It took too long to get them to hospitals. Finally she obtained permission. Clara became the first woman nurse on an American battlefield She brought comfort to many soldiers. They called her "Clara Barton, Angel of the Battlefield". Clara helped soldiers no matter"what color their uniform was".

After the war, in one of the last letters he ever wrote, President Abraham Lincoln asked her to help find out what happened to the many missing soldiers. To raise money for this project, Clara gave speeches on her life as a war nurse. One day when she went to speak, Clara's mouth opened and no sound came out! The doctor prescribed 3 years of rest in Europe. While in Switzerland, she learned of the Red Cross. She was shocked to find out that America head not signed the Red Cross treaty. She realized how much this would've helped in the Civil War.  A war broke out against Germany and France. Clara victims there, too, but this time she was with the Red Cross.When she returned to America she convinced the president to sign the Red Cross Treaty. She also founded the American Red Cross.Clara helped people until her death in 1912. Her legacy lives on every time a fire, flood, or war victim is helped by the Red Cross. It's all because of Clara Barton, Angel of the Battlefield.

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