Monday, March 4, 2013

Hawaii Report

  In what state can you ski on a snow-capped peak, surf at a sandy beach, and attend a rodeo, all in the same day? Hawaii! Aloha, friends! My name is Hawaii. Maybe you've heard of me? Well, today I’m going to be telling you some of the lesser known facts about me.

   A lot of the other states tease me because I’m the youngest. It’s hard being the newest person in a big family like mine - 50 states in all, you know. I was adopted into the U.S. on August 21, 1959. Just because I’m the newest doesn’t mean I don’t have some claims to fame, however. For starters, I’m the only state made up entirely of islands. Some facts about me are: I have 8 main islands. The biggest island on me is also known as Hawaii. To avoid confusion, it’s often called “The Big Island.” I have two national parks, and three state historical sites. I’m a bit of a rebel (younger siblings can be like that!) in that I don’t observe daylight savings time. Did I mention I have a GREAT tropical climate? I’m the only U.S state that’s never had a sub-zero temperature recorded. Among the other things that make me unique is the fact I’m the only U.S. state with a palace. Pretty special, huh? It’s known as Iolani Palace. My highest mountain, Mount Mauna Kea, would be taller than Everest if you could lift it out of the ocean.
                                                                              The palace
I’m also home to many volcanoes, including Mauna Loa, which you can hike on. You can even eat food cooked over the volcano! I’m famous for my Hawaiian Shave Ice, among many other delicious foods. One last fact- Aloha means hello, goodbye, and love in my language.  Aloha for now!

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