Monday, March 25, 2013


A video of the kittens and the mama cat.

One of the kittens!!

       We have five cats(6 if you count Socks, who  alternates between the neighbors' home and ours). With the exception of Socks, the others are all female.Saturday night, relieved the Henderson County Livestock Show was finally over, Christopher (my middle brother) and I headed outside to pen our chickens up for the evening. We were saddened to find our dogs had decided to use one of the chickens as a chew toy. Dad came outside and went to bury it. While they were attending to that, I noticed one of our five cats, Smokey, was back! She hadn't came to eat that morning,and she always comes to eat. We'd decided a few months ago that since she'd been spending a LOT of time with our male cat , Socks, and she was suspiciously fat, she just might be pregnant. I'd thought she was fixed, but it turned out she wasn't. I couldn't help wondering if Smokey had been off having her kittens. Then I saw that she was filthy. Dad and I followed her out to a little glen of trees behind the old goat pen and his workshop. We saw four kittens who look just like Socks! Since it was surprisingly cold and windy, we brought Smokey and her kittens into the workshop and fixed up a cute little box for them. They are ADORABLE!! Their eyes aren't even open yet.

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