Monday, February 25, 2013

4-H Roundup and Fashion Show

This Saturday was the 4-H  Fashion Show, Roundup(a speech contest) and a Window Wow and storyboard contest. Now, you're probably going "What on earth is Window Wow?!" It's a super fun competition in which teams of 4 people have 1hr+ to design a storefront based on a theme. You have an area about the size of a folding table. This year's theme is "Be True to Who You Are. It's a pretty vague theme, but the idea we came up with was to have a 4-H supply store. Our subtitles is "Be True to Who You Are with 4-H. We'll all bringing 4-H "stuff" like show halters and lead ropes to represent livestock showing, green quilt and sewing supplies for clothing and textiles, etc. There's something for nearly every project!  I can't put a pic up now, because we've advanced to district, and we don't want other teams reading our ideas!
I entered my storyboard in the storyboard contest-basically it's a poster board representing your original design theme based on "BE TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE". You use cute scrapbook paper and embellishments to design it.
Next was the Fashion show. I wore my candy striper outfit like I did in the Academic rodeo, but the 4-H show and the Academic rodeo Show are VERY different. With 4-H you are interviewed for 3 minutes, fill out a worksheet on comparison shopping, and then model the garment. With the AR, you just fill out the sheet and then model.
Then was Roundup. I gave a speech on calories, and how they can be consumed in moderation. There were lots of great speeches, and some amazing Share the Fun people!(Share the fun is when you sing, dance, recite a poem, or play an instrument for roundup, along with your speech.)

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  1. You did amazing!!!!!!!! I had fun hanging out all day long! District will be so much fun :D


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