Thursday, July 21, 2011

Old Red Museum

Okay, so, to those of you in Dallas, (TX) this courthouse is probably a pretty familiar sight. But to the majority of y'all, this is unfamiliar, and living over 1 hour from it, I hadn't seen it too much. It is across from the School Book Depository (see my post on it!)The courthouse was really old and falling apart, but they restored it and now it is a REALLY cool museum all about Dallas!(I took all the pictures except the top one.) I liked the early years of Dallas best. You could hold brown sugar and mold it like they did in the old timey days, and touch a tea brick, which is a brick made out of tea, and in the olden days people would just pinch off bits of tea and use it! also you'll see what looks like a bag. Well, used to there weren't any pockets so people just tied those to their waists. Plan a trip!

sugar mold

old dish that belonged to a founder of Dallas
TEA brick

Confederate Army hat

Old rolling pin 

more dishes
p.s. On the poll it says that people like m&m's more than Sour Patch kids. How is that possible?!!!

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