Tuesday, March 4, 2014


A super nice lady at my church loaned me Christy and some other books based off the tv show. And they are amazing!
Basically, in the early 20th century, Christy Huddleston, age 19, moves to Cutter Gap, a remote Appalachian town, feeling called by God to become a teacher. She leaves behind a life of wealth, luxury and her family. But that's not the problem! The problem is, the people are superstitious, afraid of outsiders, and skeptical that Christy can handle a class  of 67 students. They live in tiny, filthy houses and ekk a living out of rocky hills. Constant fights over moonshine are common.
Then there's David, a well meaning preacher who can be a bit stubborn but is ultimately focused on spreading the Gospel. And he's sweet on Christy.
There's also Dr. Neil Macneil, a doctor who does everything from emergency brain surgery to delivering babies to inspecting an injured raccoon. He also likes Christy. Christy just wants to survive and help kids, not fall in love.
Miss Alice, a kind woman who mentors Christy, and the stern Miss Ida, round out the bunch. There's constant excitement, and the mountains sound beautiful and mysterious.
From the start, I instantly fell in love with Chriaty and the children she teaches. All the characters are likeable and very interesting. The children are so sweet, and Christy has real love for them. She tries to look past their ignorance and poverty by teaching and helping them.
Plus, the Christian messages were great. I think Christy is a good role model for girls like me! You should definitely read the book and watch the tv show!

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