Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Carribean Princess Cruise Day 3 Cozumel, Mexico

The view of  Cozumel from our balcony + a selfie.
Day 3 we docked at our first port of call, Cozumel, Mexico. I was surprised that it wasn't as commercialized as I'd expected. Instead there were the street vendors, tons of them.
"Family, over here!"
"Pretty bracelets for pretty ladies!"
"Ooh, you like this, very nice hats and sunglasses!"
"Best prices in Cozumel!"
Be prepared to say "No, gracias." And you're going to have to say it a lot. The people go so far as to grab your arm and put bracelets on you. It was a little scary. But Dad is a great bargainer, having been to Hong Kong and Malaysia. He was in his element. We wentd up buying 4 woven bracelets, a Panama hat, and several exquisite seashells for the grand total of seven bucks.
This is us getting off the boat, with our church friends.

Then we rented a taxi. Our driver took us to the non-tourist-y side of the island, where the locals live. And it was beautiful. We ate at a little restaurant called Sen├│r Iguana' s, right on the Caribbean Sea. There was a swingset on the beach and you could swing out over the sand. It was so pretty!
Next we stopped at another beach, but here there were  rocky cliffs, made up  lava rock that jutted out into the sea. We climbed some of them. It was a little scary, because the rocks were sharp and slippery, but it was really fun. While we were there,  a man approached us . He was clutching an iguana, which he proceeded to place  on Christopher's head. He then declared,
"Five dollars for a picture!"
We fell for it. :)

Then we had to get back on the cruise ship. You only have a certain amount of time in each port, and we didn't want to be left!

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