Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nancy Drew jewelry giveaway at Fantasy Art and Tree Chatter

I'm a die hard Nancy Drew fan. I own every single book, write Nancy fanfiction, and know all the character's sayings by heart. So when I found this jewelry giveaway, I was just browsing through the jewelry you could win, and... A Nancy Drew Necklace!! Not one, but 3. Plus necklaces withJane Austen quotes, cute cat jewelry, and so much more.I have to win this giveaway. I am determined!!The link to the giveaway:
NANCY DREW Jewelry, Hidden Staircase Necklace, Scrabble Tile Pendant

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  1. I love Nancy Drew!! I would enter, but I've only read the first two books :P

    My sister has read like 60 of them, though. XD

    I miss talking to you!!


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