Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Project & Livestock Show!

We've been really busy making projects and showing broilers, Bantams,quail, Buff Orpingtons (a type of chickens), and goats.

Some of the projects I made were:
Me auctioning my baby blanket I made

I made these cupcakes, but someone ate some of them...
Oat pan rolls.

I really like making projects for the project show. It's one of my favorite events of the  4-H year!  You can make just about anything. I like making new friends and learning new things.
 Pictures from the Livestock Show:
You have to have 3 people to hold your broilers in the ring, and these really nice girls offered to help!

Feeding my goat, Hearts.

Blowing Hearts off after trimming him.

In the show ring.

 Since this was my first year showing a goat, I only got sixth place, but I'm going to try even harder next year! I also got 5th place with my Buff Orpington Hen. It was a little sad selling Hearts because: 1. He didn't make the auction and 2., I'll miss him, but I got over it pretty quickly and am looking forward to showing goats,rabbits, and chickens next year!

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