Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kisses from Katie

She walks briskly in the red dirt, clouds of dust settling as she arrives in time to administer medical care, or provide food, or perhaps give  a ride to the village. She is Katie Davis, the woman followed everywhere by thirteen children who all call her 'Mommy'. She's obviously not old enough to be the 'real' mother of these kids, but no one cares. Everyone calls her 'Mommy'. Because, in a way, she is a mother, sent by God to be a Mommy to these beautiful people.
 Kisses from Katie is the story of Katie Davis, who left home when she was just four years older than me, in order to adopt and care for orphaned children, provide care and schooling for those who can't afford it, and do whatever else she could to show God's love in Uganda. She left  a privileged  life in America to move there, start a nonprofit organization, and begin the adoption process for thirteen daughters who needed a mother.
 While the book is great, I almost preferred reading her blog. Somehow, her writing style there just clicked for me. In the book, she is so careful not to draw attention to herself that she hardly mentions all the amazing things she's done. Plus, the blog has a lot more pictures of her adorable kids! :) So, definitely read the book and get inspired, but check out her blog here, too!

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