Friday, May 30, 2014

start spreading the news...

...I'm leaving today.
Hey. I'm leaving for STEP camp tomorrow, for a whole month.

(Please forgive the messy room, I was packing in on my parents' floor. Note the new waterproof watch.
Also, excuse the sweatpants, socks, and the Old Navy shirt I wear in every. single. photo.)
This quote I read somewhere keeps rocketing about in my mind-

"...and there was an air of glaring finality to it."

 -and I can't remember where, it may have been Gone With the Wind but I can't remember now. I just remember it was talking about someone leaving.

   Anyway,as I sat my suitcase in the back of our suburban for the short-ish ride to Big Sandy tomorrow,folded my sleeping bag up and scrawled my name on my uniforms with a white laundry pen, I couldn't help thinking about that quote. 

I mean, I know this is going to be great, both for me physically and spiritually, but it somehow seems so

  STEP is a little like a boot camp. You're on a strict schedule, and you wake up at 5 each morning for a routine run of a 'few' miles, stomach crunches, and exercises. Then you eat and might go learn to rappel on this huge fire tower, or learn to do a ropes course, or learn first aid, etc. We'll also be memorizing the whole book of Philippians.

    I'm excited, I really am. But I'm also terrified, y'all. I can't even do a push up! 

   This whole experience is about teaching girls to rely on God for strength, and not themselves, which I'll definitely be doing. But I'm still a little scared at the thought that this is real, I'm really leaving,so I just keep repeating this verse:

    I would love it if y'all would pray for me while I'm gone, that I won't be scared, that I'll trust God and grow in Him.

Well, I guess this is a goodbye post, so bye. I love you guys! I'll post again in July!

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