Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What is Easter,and why do we celebrate it?

   When you think the word "Easter", what  comes to mind? Eggs and bunnies, or candy? All those things are fun, (and it's okay to celebrate with them as long as we don't forget the real reason), but why do we celebrate Easter? As Christians, we celebrate Easter for entirely different reasons than most people do. You see, about two thousand years ago, the one and only God sent His Son, Jesus, to live a perfect life, and to die for our sins! God did this because he loved us. Jesus was nailed to a cross, and after a very painful and sad 3 hours He gave up His life. And do you know something? He did this for you. If you're not a Christian, I encourage you to research more about being saved through God's grace.  Jesus did not stay dead; He rose from the dead!  Jesus’ died  for our sins and then He was resurrected . That is why many people call Easter, Resurrection Sunday, because that is exactly what it is. Easter is a happy time because it celebrates Jesus' power over the grave and His power to save us.

 On Easter, we woke up and put our Easter outfits on. I got a new Easter dress, and it is very cute!! Then we looked at what the Easter bunny brought.  I got the Saige American Girl books, and a cool reference book, another hula hoop(so I can do tricks like twirling two at once)plus CANDY! Andrew and Christopher got neat items as well, but I don't want to steal their thunder, so head over to their blogs to see what they say!Then we went to church. I always have fun in Sunday school with all my awesome friends! In 'big' church' our church choir did a wonderful musical, then the men's trio sang my favorite hymn "It is Finished". I wish I could transport all of you to my church and let you hear them sing. It's amazing. It gives me chills, it sounds so amazing!

Well, I hope you all had a great Easter as well ! Let me know how yours went!

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